What They’re Giving To Illegals Is Worse Than Anyone Thought

We’ve seen firsthand what is going on on the border under the Biden administration. It’s not a stretch to say that the border is completely open.

We don’t know what the ramifications of letting millions of illegal aliens into the country will be in the long term, but we’re seeing what they are in the short.

Howie Carr did an opinion piece in the Boston Herald covering a bit of it and what illegal aliens are being given as we have an unknown number of homeless veterans in America.

A collage of Marlboro’s Holiday in from before, at left, and after people became aware that the hotel was closed because it was full of migrants on an all-expenses taxpayer-paid vacation. (Before photo submitted, After photo by staff photographer Stuart Cahill/Boston Herald)

“You now see these derelict fleabag motels in working- and middle-class communities all across Massachusetts,” Carr begins.

Your local Days Inn or Motel 6 or Comfort Inn — not so long ago they were moderately priced places for the grandparents to stay in when they returned for Junior’s high-school graduation, or maybe even for an ill-advised, late-night, low-rent romance…

All in the past now. The businessmen’s and no-tell motels have been commandeered in the greater cause of Obama’s fondest dream — the “fundamental transformation” of America into a Third World hellhole.

The Holiday Inn that is closed to house immigrants in Marlboro on Friday. (Staff Photo By Stuart Cahill/Boston Herald)

Everywhere the motels are being turned over to the state and its “NGO” proxies. They are rebranded, if you will, into flophouses for the “migrants” who are now enjoying permanent all-expenses-paid vacations at the taxpayers’ expense.

The other day, a former radio coworker of mine sent me this photo from the Holiday Inn in Marlboro with its vaguely ominous sign:

“Hotel Closed to Public.”

I tweeted out the photo with a brief explanation of what had happened. I was surprised when the photo got far more clicks than anything I’ve ever posted.

The next day, the “hotel” removed the sign and replaced it with something smaller and slightly less obvious.

“Hotel Is Currently Closed.”

After posting the initial photo, I also got a torrent of responses from people who are witnessing this ongoing disaster first hand.

What follows is an account from someone who works in a different one of these “converted” hotels which are decimating the entire communities around them.

This report has been lightly edited to protect the source from retribution by the woke comrades:

There are 200-plus families, he begins, and more than 500 people currently living at the (facility).

It’s not only a roof over their heads and three squares a day, but “free” diapers, wipes, toiletries, free tablets and phones, free English lessons, state case workers making sure all entitlements are taken, free Uber and Lyft rides, free bus passes from (redacted).

All with no end in sight.

All are going to the (redacted) immigration office in Ubers… round trip is more than $130 per trip.

All get DTA (Department of Transitional Assistance, i.e., welfare) benefits, EBT cards. They have more expendable cash than I do.

If DCF (Department of Children & Families) says they need a crib, stroller, toys, etc., management is required order them. Everything is new and arrives the next day from Amazon.

They all have MassHealth, free legal services, free tax-filing services.

Most now have Social Security cards and many are getting work permits, as many have been in the “shelter” for months.

They are learning they can make more on DTA than from working.

The biggest cost that you can’t put a price tag on is the burden on the schools and public-safety budgets.

We daily have local police or fire at the hotel. Police have had to help with fights, guns, drugs, overdoses….

They call 911 for a headache. I even heard someone called 911 for a paper cut. Nuisance calls, because they don’t have to pay for them, or anything else.

I know people in public safety, including some on command staffs. They are fed up with this and concerned about keeping staff.

The brass put on a good face, but are beyond overwhelmed and have no staff or plan. They flat out admit the educations of “regular kids” are being impacted.

The task is to get housing for the immigrants. Not very realistic around here.

Few are working, most who do work for FedEx or Amazon. They have no concept of saving $$ or the cost of housing. The Walmart in (redacted) loves the first and 15th of the month, as that’s when they get their direct (welfare) deposits.

The amount of Amazon and Temu packages delivered every day is crazy. DoorDash is also loving them in (redacted).

The post office just drops off piles of mail for them in the lobby every day, a lot from the state agencies. Many either misspell their names or write them backwards so they can double dip. I assume that the welfare agencies are so overwhelmed, most of it isn’t caught.

Many now have cars. Somebody here’s always chasing them for insurance and registration info. Most try to avoid anybody making inquiries. They buy the vehicles here, pay here. Dealers must be making a fortune. Most still do not have drivers’ licenses.

Most are nice people, but they are now conditioned to think everything is free and that we work for them. Many are rude and have zero respect for rules, police, hotel cleanliness, etc.

DCF has removed quite a few children for abuse.

Local churches have been great with donations of clothes, but the hoarding by and the entitlement of the residents is startling.

The hotel provides breakfast and lunch. There is also a catering contract just for dinner. I’ve heard that one alone is for more than $2 million a year, as it feeds more than 500 people a day, 7 days a week.

The hotel is getting $130 a night for the rooms, charges for other rooms where the food is served, and for the rooms used for computer labs and ESL (English as a Second Language) classrooms.

Plus $12 per each breakfast and $15 per lunch times 500 people.

Hotel is making a killing with cash flow, but the property is being destroyed. Will need an entire remodel.

I keep my mouth shut while at work, as I don’t blame the residents. I blame the president and even more so Gov. Healey.

This whole situation is mind-boggling to me. What about all the little old ladies, low-income seniors and homeless veterans down on their luck? They’re taxpayers, they’re American citizens.

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