Angel Mom On Vet’s Wall Team: An Illegal Killed My Son, I Want A Border Wall – WATCH

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza lost her son, Brandon, in 2014. Brandon Mendoza was killed one day after spending Mother’s Day with her. He was a sergeant with the Mesa Police Department, and an illegal immigrant who was drunk & on meth crashed into his car.

Mary Ann explains on the memorial website for Brandon:

“My son, Sgt Brandon Mendoza, was killed on May 12, 2014 in a violent head on collision. He was killed by a 3 times the legal limit drunk and high on meth ILLEGAL CRIMINAL! He had driven 35 MILES the wrong way on 4 different freeways before slamming head on into my son’s car. My son had just finished his shift and was heading home after working to keep Mesa citizens safe and his community crime free when his life was taken so tragically.”

Mendoza now serves on triple-amputee vet Airman Brian Kolfage’s “We Build The Wall” advisory board. After raising over $20 million for the border wall, Airman Kolfage announced an all-star team that would oversee construction of the wall on private land. Other members of Kolfage’s team include Sheriff David Clarke, Fox News contributor Sara A. Carter, Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, Brigadier General Dr. Robert S. Spalding III, to name a few.

Mary Ann spoke out about the need for a wall in a PSA for an organization that promotes action on issues President Trump is championing.


Mary Ann has appeared with President Trump on numerous occasions to tell people about her son, and to urge politicians to do more about border security & to build the wall. Last year she spoke of those affected by criminal illegals, of those who have lost loved ones because of them, and called out mainstream media for not covering Angel Families & illegal immigrant crime.

Breitbart News reported that leftwing media networks CNN & MSNBC haven’t had “Angel” parents on their programs.

Since January 1, neither CNN nor MSNBC has booked a single “Angel Mom” — mothers of children brutally murdered by illegal aliens — as guests on their networks, per an analysis conducted by the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Mary Ann went with other Angel moms to Nancy Pelosi’s office today to demand she take action on illegal immigrant crime. Pelosi wouldn’t even meet with them.

Mainstream press won’t cover Angel moms like Mary Ann because they provide powerful arguments why we need a border wall. Leftwing media, which is just an arm of the Democratic Party, don’t want a wall on our border, they want illegal immigration to continue unabated, no doubt so Pelosi & the Dem Party can turn them into future voters. It doesn’t matter to them that parents like Mary Ann lost their loved ones to criminal illegal aliens. That’s why Mary Ann joined with Airman Kolfage to build the wall.

Enough is enough. It’s time to get the wall built so mothers like Mary Ann don’t lose their sons and daughters to illegals.

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