The Wall Kept On Rising

When Biden and Democrats took office, they tried to halt the building of Trump’s wall. But they underestimated the determination of private citizens who were determined to finish the barrier and deter illegals, fentanyl, and

Liza Carlisle

RNC’s Ronna McDaniel Is OUT

President Donald Trump has been leaning on the Republican Party to revert to Republican values since 2016. MAGA supporters and conservative Republicans have voiced that the time for new leadership and a return to the

Liza Carlisle

Trump Just Got Game-Changing News

As President Trump departs Iowa as a winner and heads on to the next state, eyes are on the Republican caucuses in the early states and how each will define the race for the Republican

Liza Carlisle

THREE Longtime GOP Congressmen Are Out

When Donald Trump ran for president in 2018, one of his promises was to “drain the swamp,” a figure of speech referring to the entrenched political careerists who operate in government not to serve but