‘Elder Abuse’: Social Media Explodes Over ‘Concerning’ Video of Biden

The National Prayer Breakfast was the setting for President Joe Biden to reference God while also remarking, “Let’s remember who the hell we – who we are.” Biden’s slip was unfortunate given the tone of the speech.

Conservative Brief reports:

Speaking to lawmakers, Biden expressed his hope that Americans would feel that each person is “precious” in God’s eyes and that our “best days are ahead of us.” He went on to say that he thought “everyone deserves a fair shot” and that America should never leave anyone behind. Additionally, he expressed his disapproval of the growing antisemitism in the US, saying that the country should “give hate no safe harbor.”

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“My prayer, my, my hope is we continue to believe our best days are ahead of us, and as a nation, we continue to believe in honesty, decency, dignity, and, and, and respect,” Biden began, tripping over his own words.

“We see each other not as enemies but as fellow human beings, each made the image of God, each precious in his sight. We leave no one behind. And we believe everyone deserves a fair shot. We give hate no safe harbor. Together, we believe in America. That’s my prayer, to remember who we are. We’re the United States of America. There’s nothing, and I mean this sincerely, nothing beyond our capacity if we act together,” Biden continued.

He added, “We’re the only nation in the world that’s come out of every crisis stronger than we went in when we act together. I pray for all of you. In my church, we’ve taken the 22nd Psalm and turned it into him. It says, ‘He will raise you up on eagle’s wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shine like the Sun. Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand. That’s sincerely my prayer to all of you. We have really tough, tough differences. We really go out one another. But remember — let’s remember who the hell we — who we are. We are the United States of America. It is all about dignity and respect. So let’s keep practicing. Thank you for having me. It’s good to be back.


According to a new NBC News survey, Biden’s approval is at an all-time low of just 37 percent, leading a Democratic pollster to comment that the “damning” results indicate a “presidency in peril.”

Per Newsmax, citing the survey:

Former President Donald Trump not only leads Biden by 5 points (47%-42%) in the national poll, but he leads by 23 points on mental and physical health to be president (46%-23%).

The survey is also the latest to show Biden losing ground with younger voters who have traditionally gone for Democrats. “A major through line in what ails Biden most are his travails with younger voters,” democratic pollster Horwitt noted, per Newsmax.

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