I Filmed 500 Illegal Aliens, Mostly Africans, Breach The Border Wall After The Lukeville Port Closed

This was December 7th, 3 days after the Lukeville, Arizona, port of entry was closed indefinitely. Human smuggling groups cut the border wall open in two places on the east side of the port.

500 illegal aliens crossed through, and I filmed them coming through the second cut in the wall.

I’ve been camped out and filming on the border in Lukeville, AZ for 7 weeks

About 10–15 minutes before this group crossed, I was told to leave the area (at the Gachado Line Camp) by non-government workers in a truck who lied about a road leading to the Dos Lomitas Ranch in the national park when I asked about it. They said border agents would think I was an illegal alien and arrest me, which was laughable as I’d been there for six weeks filming and everyone knows who I am.

Border Patrol agents believe the workers were scouts for the human smuggling organization and purposefully told me to leave so I wouldn’t be able to film the illegal crossings.

Fox News purchased 30 seconds of the footage for $300. I asked about being credited for my work, but they said that isn’t how they do it when buying freelance videos.

I did meet Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, who came out to Lukeville for 5 days after the port closed. Before the port closed, I didn’t see any national reporters for the six weeks I had been there. After it closed, it got really busy with reporters, though.

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The massive group of illegal aliens then went through the closed and unmanned port of entry and onto the highway (Hwy 85).

Border agents corralled them about 1/2 mile down the road and steered them towards a tent camp. That will be in a different video.

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