I Filmed African Illegal Aliens Saying They’re Going To New York And Joining The Marines

I’ve been camped out on the border in Lukeville, Arizona, for the past 7 weeks filming the apocalypse that Joe Biden and the socialist Democrats have brought upon us.

I thought I had seen it all until I came across this bunch.

I came across a group of illegal aliens from Guinea in West Africa who asked me to film them. They expressed their love for Joe Biden, saying welcome to his America, and stated that they were going to New York. When I asked them what they would do for work, they said they were joining the Marines. It caused quite a stir when I posted it to Twitter/X.

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Also, you see this friendly-looking fellow in the video. I’ve seen so many like him out here; it’s not funny. He and hundreds of thousands like him will be on your streets.

Those are exactly the types I see coming in every day. All of this was planned by the socialist Democrats. These illegal immigrants will become violent when they don’t get whatever they want and they’ll join the ranks of Antifa and BLM when they start rioting and looting again in 2024 during the presidential election. I was undercover filming the Portland riots and covered the riots and looting in Sacramento, where I live. These are the kinds of people who join.

BLM lights furniture on fire before looting a store in downtown Sacramento – My photo
During the Portland riots

The U.S. port of entry on the border in Lukeville, Arizona, has been closed for over a week now. The backlog of illegals has been cleared, but they are still coming through cuts in the border wall, just not as many as before.

I posted this on my Twitter.

“Wow! 10 minutes after Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs left the closed Lukeville, Arizona port of entry after her tour, hundreds of illegal aliens were escorted into the port! Can’t make this up! I’m here live.”

And just prior to that, Hobbs ran away from me.

“Arizona Governor, Democrat Katie Hobbs, wouldn’t answer my question why she just came out to the port of entry on the border in Lukeville when the crisis has been going on for so long. They hid her and then whisked her away when I started asking questions. Later she escaped in a helicopter.”

I have many more videos of jaw-dropping scenes coming out in the following weeks. I’m sitting in my Jeep, looking at the wall on the mountain, as I write this.

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