Trump Judge Destroyed By Devastating Accusation She Didn’t See Coming

The weaponization of the Biden DOJ has been a major concern for Republicans during Joe Biden’s tenure in the White House. The indictments against former President Trump leave no speculation as to the anti-Trump and anti-Republican initiatives by the branch of the U.S. government intended to be above partisan politics.

The years-long campaign against Trump and his allies has not dampened America’s enthusiasm to see Trump regain his post in the White House, as he soars higher and higher in polls. Conversely, the mounting evidence against Hunter Biden and his father, President Joe Biden, has not yet resulted in indictments.

Americans are realizing that the judges presiding over Trump’s cases have political biases and that they are heavily leaning toward the Trump-hating camp.

Now a top Republican is making a major accusation against the judge in Washington, D.C., who is overseeing Trump’s trial there regarding the events of January 6.

Fox News reports:

The No. 3 House Republican is calling for an ethics probe into a Washington, D.C., judge who has issued decisions in cases related to both former President Donald Trump and the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Without using Trump’s name, Howell blamed the violence at the Capitol on “big lies” and warned of “a very surprising and downright troubling moment in this country when the very importance of facts is dismissed, or ignored.”

The American Journal Daily reports on the matter:

Rep. Elise Stefanik is calling for an ethics probe against D.C. District Judge Beryl Howell over a speech she gave in late November. During the speech, she appeared to spread the Democrats’ narrative of January 6th.

Although she did not mention Donald Trump, she blamed the events of January 6th on “big lies,” a possible reference to Trump’s claims about the 2020 Election. Rep. Stefanik has accused the judge of claiming that Trump’s re-election would “lead to fascism in America.”

Americans should be concerned over the possible bias of federal judges. Should this judge have an actual bias against Trump, it is unlikely he will get a fair trial. In the past, possibly politically motivated judges have overturned decisions by prosecutors or juries.

Rep. Stefanik called the judge’s speech “highly inappropriate.” Others might assume Judge Howell has a conflict of interest. This ethics complaint could result in the judge recusing herself from the case, but only perhaps with pressure from Congress.

The judge’s November speech clearly shows a bias in regard to the events that day. Howell has been reported to be advocating for tougher sentencing for those on trial for actions at the Capitol on Jan 6. She has presided over some grand jury proceedings tied to Special Council Jack Smith’s case against Trump and oversaw the grand jury for Robert Mueller’s investigation into “Russiagate” that went nowhere.

Bloomberg Law reports:

Stefanik said the judge’s remarks were “hardly apolitical.”

“Judge Howell’s partisan speech is obviously highly inappropriate election interference by a federal judge that undermines the public’s trust in our courts,” wrote Stefanik, who is chair of the House Republican Committee.

Stefanik specifically claimed that Howell violated a section of the code of conduct for federal judges against lending “the prestige of the judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others, nor convey or permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence the judge.”

Stefanik’s request will be weighed by the DC Circuit’s Judicial Council, a body of judges tasked with considering complaints against members of the DC federal trial and appellate courts.

Judge Howell has made remarks in the past regarding the sentencing of Jan. 6 participants, stating that some defendants were given sentences that reflect actions of protesters, while she believes that the protest that day was sinister on the part of Trump supporters.

The Washington Post reported that Judge Howell said, “No wonder parts of the public in the U.S. are confused about whether what happened on Jan 6 at the Capitol was simply a petty offense of trespassing with some disorderliness, or shocking criminal conduct which represented a grave threat to our democratic norms.’

“Let me make my view clear: the rioters were not mere protesters,” Howell stated. “Probation should not be the norm.”

It seems that Howell is certainly vocal about her opinion on the January 6 events and the people involved. It remains to be seen whether Stefanik’s complaint will be taken seriously by the legal reviewers.

The Hill recently wrote that Stefanik is a leading candidate as Trump’s VP in 2024 and gave five reasons why that would be so.

Stefanik is fighting for Trump in his New York civil lawsuit; she is a Trump loyalist; she is mature at the age of 40 and has significant political credentials; she would not “overshadow” Trump yet would be a viable candidate for the Oval Office in 2028; and she could articulate his bold plans for his second term.

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