Joe Biden Has Humiliating Item He ALWAYS Travels With…His Dirty Secret Is Out!

At Turning Point USA’s yearly AmericaFest function, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas stated that President Joe Biden’s staff provide him with additional trousers in the event that he defecates involuntarily.

“Listen, we have a president of the United States [whose] team carries extra pairs of pants with him when he travels in case he has poopy pants,” Cruz stated in a video shared on X.

“Big and stinky if true,” Collin Rugg, the co-owner of Trending Politics, commented in the attached description.

“I want you to pause and think how the enemies of America are feeling,” Senator Cruz emphasized.

Then Cruz rocked the crowd with the punchline… “Eh, depends.”

The audience reacted with laughter.


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Watch Ted Cruz’s AMFest speech:

In a recent incident, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida humorously utilized a “poop map” to illustrate the prolonged negligence of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom of California towards the issue of human excrement littering the streets of San Francisco.

DeSantis asserted that Newsom just tidied such streets in anticipation of a visit from Xi Jinping, the authoritarian leader of China.

Nevertheless, the Senator’s use of ‘toilet humor’ accurately depicted reality in multiple ways, as observed by The Western Journal.

“I wish I could say this sounds ridiculous, but it doesn’t,” remarked one user of X.

Considering the numerous suggestions that Biden should reside in a nursing home, the possibility of him defecating involuntarily is not entirely implausible.

Most of us remember a few years ago when a rumor went around that Joe Biden had an accident while visiting the Pope. Fact-checking websites have concluded that the rumor wasn’t true, but most of us think otherwise.

The website News 18 carried the story in November of 2021.

US President Joe Biden is currently trending on social media for all the wrong reasons. President Biden, the only second Catholic president in US history, met Pope Francis on October 29. Biden was in Rome to attend the G20 summit which was from October 30-31. He and his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, were greeted by Monseigneur Leonardo Sapienza, who runs the papal household, as well as Gentlemen of His Holiness. After the POTUS’ official visit to the Vatican, word got out that the meeting was unprecedently long because he had a ‘bathroom incident’. So how exactly did the hashtag ‘poopy pants Biden’ start trending?

The tweet that apparently set off the rumour mills spinning was by Amy Tarkanian, former Nevada Republican Party Chairwoman and wife of Republican Attorney Danny Tarkanian. “The word around Rome is that Biden’s meeting with the Pope was unusually long because Biden had a bit of a ‘bathroom accident’ at the Vatican & it had to be addressed prior to him leaving,” she wrote. The tweet has since got 22k likes.

Increasingly, polls show that voters, including Democrats, don’t want Joe Biden to run for president again.

Newsweek ran this story in mid-November:

Joe Biden is facing increasing pressure from his own party, with a new poll suggesting Democrats do not want him to run in the 2024 presidential election.

Fifty-four percent of Democratic primary voters want to see “another Democrat” enter the race for the party’s 2024 nomination, according to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll of 1,584 U.S. adults published Thursday.

A slim lead of 46 percent of Democratic primary voters said they would prefer the incumbent president as the party’s 2024 choice while 39 percent they would choose “someone else.”

Only 28 percent said they would not like a new Democratic candidate to primary the president.

This means that support for Biden versus someone else has fallen by 4 points since October in a previous Yahoo News/ YouGov survey. In previous polls, support for the president had increased.

Newsweek contacted representatives for Biden by email to comment on this story.

The poll also found that Republicans are more united in support of former President Donald Trump, Biden’s likely rival, with 56 percent backing him to 34 percent who would support “someone else.” Some 54 percent of Republicans would also vote for Trump in a race with the other declared GOP candidates.

It is the latest in a series of blows that suggest declining support for the president within his party.

Democrats are almost split in half over Biden’s handling of the war between Israel and Hamas. Fifty percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s handling of the situation so far, but 46 percent disapprove, according to an Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey of 1,239 American adults, conducted between November 2 and 6.

This marks a stark change from August when 57 percent supported the administration’s handling of the Israel-Palestine conflict and 40 percent disapproved.

Meanwhile, after The New York Times and Siena College published a poll on November 5, showing that voters are backing Trump, by margins of four to 10 percentage points in five of six important election battleground states, one year before the 2024 election, a number of Democrats suggested Biden step aside.

Of course, if Joe is the easiest Democratic candidate to beat in 2024, we definitely want him to keep his plans to run again. For the United States to have any hope of surviving, we need a Republican president, which thankfully looks like it will be Trump again if the polls have anything to say.

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