Lara Trump Gets Brutally Attacked Online For Pic She Shared Of Herself

President Donald Trump and his wife Melania, as well as his grown children, have set a high bar on style and class while in the public eye. The Trump family is always well-put together at social functions and for photo ops, to the delight of his supporters, who love comparing the Trumps to other politicians’ families who do not measure up on the fashion scale.

Melania, in particular, has consistently exuded class and beauty in her fashion choices. Daughters Ivanka and Tiffany have continued to present themselves well in the public eye, and daughter-in-law Lara, who is married to Trump’s son Eric, has been lauded for her excellent style of dressing.

But with high expectations comes criticism if the Trumps cross the fashion line in the eyes of the public, and it seems that Lara Trump has crossed that line recently with a gown choice that the internet did not see favorably.

While covering more than an average swimsuit, the gown was cut high and low, departing from Lara’s usual choices.

The gown is reminiscent of 1950’s and 60’s Hollywood starlet wear. The top consists of a glittering bodysuit that is sheer and worn braless while cut to the waistline, with skimpy covering by a jacket. The long skirt is cut to the waistline, revealing the rest of the glittering body suit underneath as well a one full leg.

Notice was taken as the outfit is not Lara’s usual style, which is classy and more conservative.

Mediaite reports:

Too revealing! Not appropriate! Keep it Classy!

This is the general sentiment of comments left on Lara Trump’s Instagram reel from the New Year’s Eve celebration at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump is, of course, the wife of former President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, a former frequent guest on Fox News and one-time Senate hopeful from her home state of North Carolina.

Lara Trump posted an edited video, complete with the dulcet sounds of French Montana, Lil Pump, and Diplo, of her walking to and from the party in a remarkably revealing gown — with the mother of two (ages 6 and 4) showing off a well-toned figure. To be fair, she looks great. But commenters on the post largely found the video and her super-high-cut gown inappropriate.

Instagram user “JoaniePonyBalony” summed it up well, writing, “She can. But she should not. “Derjam1288” opined, “Yikes. I’m proud of my wife, but this is a poor decision. Way too far,” while “taylormoll” averred love for Lara Trump but conceded, “This dress is trashy.”

Although the back view of the dress saw Lara fully covered from neck to toe, fur and sequined cuffs, as well as the front view, were enough to emit disapproval from conservative Trump supporters.

And indeed, as much of the MAGA support is politically and socially conservative, comments about the dress noted that while Lara has the bady to carry such style off, it is not a classy choice and not in keeping with her other fashion choices.

Lara’s Instagram photos usually show her in much more conservative garb and in her roles as wife, mother, and traditional lady.

Lara’s Instagram post noted that the dress was out there: “Welcome to the party 2024 totally insane dress by @realoscarlopez 1oo%” but as she displayed her new style comments ranged from “Ugh dress” to “You’re beautiful but all I could notice was that [icon of a leg]”.

Others expressed appreciation for the style.

As the new election year begins, the Trump family is sure to be scrutinized to the max by those seeking to discredit or maleign the family, and since the Trump women have displayed classy fashion choices in the past, any foray into questionable high fashion is sure to bring criticism.

Lara’s choice may not have been the best for this particular New Year, or not at all as a mom and daughter-in-law of the presidential candidate. As a younger generation of the Trump family, her gown is not in danger of being showcased in the Smithsonian but does send a message that is contrary to many conservatives’ values.

Meanwhile, father-in-law Trump is in the news, and speculation about a running mate and the choice of that person abounds. Rumors that the GOP will push Nikki Haley as VP for Trump have tongues wagging over others in U.S. history who caved to party pressure regarding VP choice and then suffered for it.

John F. Kennedy reportedly caved to selecting Johnson as a running mate and then was assassinated. Ronald Reagan went with the party on his choice of Bush and survived an assassination attempt.

It has been recently speculated that the way to survive a presidency is not to have a running mate that the establishment would be glad to see as president, but to choose one that is in the best interest of keeping the president alive.

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