Migrants Who Tried To Overrun Border Just Got BAD News From Mex Govt

No one saw this coming.

Hundreds of migrants attempted to breach the US border earlier today. Now, the Mexican government is taking swift action against them.

The Blaze is reporting:

“The Mexican Interior Ministry made a stunning announcement Sunday when it released a statement that the country will be deporting migrants identified as having tried to cross the border into the United States illegally earlier in the day.

The BBC broke the news first, noting the ministry described the group of migrants as trying to cross “violently” and “illegally.”

The Interior Ministry’s statement begins by saying “the INM will immediately deport fully identified Central Americans who tried to enter the United States illegally.”

It also says that “in coordination with local authorities of the State of Baja California,” the Ministry was able to “contain” the group of about 500 migrants “who, in a violent way, tried to cross the border of Mexico with the United States, in the border crossing of El Chaparral, Tijuana.”

The Ministry said that rather than help their objectives, the migrants risked creating a “serious incident” at the border.

The statement also made clear that Mexico will not be deploying their military to the border, but will “reinforce” the border at the areas where breaches were attempted.

They further pledged to maintain “full coordination” with the United States.”

The BBC report continued:

“Tensions have been high in Tijuana since the arrival of thousands of migrants earlier this month.

The migrants are in Tijuana after travelling more than 4,000km (2,500 miles) from Central America.

They say they are fleeing persecution, poverty and violence in their home countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

However, they now face a long wait to see if their asylum applications will be accepted by the US, with President Donald Trump vowing to keep each migrant on the Mexican side of the border until courts have decided their case. This could take months.

Amid growing desperation on Sunday, the group of about 500 migrants – who had been taking part in a peaceful protest for the right to seek political asylum in the US – made a run for the border.

Mexico’s Home Secretary, Alfonso Navarrete, said the group had asked for help to organise the demonstration, but had reportedly been encouraged by some of the movement’s leaders to split into different groups and try to cross into the US.

According to news agency AFP, a number managed to climb over the first fence. It was as they tried to cross a second, spike-topped wall that officials on the US side began throwing tear gas.”

No one expected Mexico to be so helpful. I guess Karma just arrived.

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