Strange Discovery Found On White House Visitor Logs

House Republicans are expressing outrage upon learning that the White House has repeatedly excluded Hunter Biden from the official flight logs for Marine One, the helicopter which all presidents fly in.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy became the first to observe the omission when he saw the controversial first son disembark from the helicopter on the First Family’s return from an earlier visit to Delaware. Doocy acknowledged his absence from the official flight log distributed to the White House press corps.

The House GOP account on X (formerly Twitter) raised concerns about the potential concealment of Hunter Biden’s presence in other visitor logs, after he chose to disregard a legally issued subpoena to testify before Congress.

The House GOP account stated that “Fox News reports that Hunter Biden is currently at the White House after being spotted exiting Marine One. He was not on the White House’s passenger manifest. What other manifests and visitor logs has Hunter Biden been left off of?”

Shortly after, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned about whether the government would reveal Hunter Biden’s itinerary alongside his father.

“That’s something that we’ve never done,” Jean-Pierre answered. “This is the family. The family gets to travel with the president, and that’s been the case with every other president, and so it’s not something that we have done or we would be doing moving forward.”


Experts argue that concealing the problematic son is unfavorable, especially considering his imminent charges of contempt of Congress, in addition to the several federal proceedings against him for tax and firearm offenses.

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According to Fox News White House reporter Jacqui Heinrich, “The White House may not have helped that the president is keeping far away from Hunter’s local woes.”

“So, Hunter is apparently here at the White House after defying a Congressional subpoena while being indicted and facing a maximum of 17 years behind bars on financial crimes plus another 25 on the gun charges that he is facing,” she continued.

Despite its boast of being “the most transparent administration in history,” the Biden administration has persistently maintained a concerning practice of withholding information about Hunter Biden’s meetings at the White House from the public. After examining media records, Fox discovered over a dozen occasions where Hunter was present at the White House until February 2023. These events include the annual egg roll, Medal of Freedom ceremony, France State Dinner on the South Lawn, Christmas tree lighting, and the wedding of the president’s daughter. Hunter Biden was consistently omitted from the official visitation logs on every occasion.

An administration spokeswoman referred to the official policy regarding guest logs.

The spokesperson stated that “The White House will not release access records related to purely personal guests of the First and Second Families (i.e., visits that do not involve any official or political business).” This policy is less forthcoming compared to the one implemented within the administration of Barack Obama.

Recently, Hunter Biden chose to disregard a congressional subpoena and instead held a news conference, during which he strongly criticized House Republicans for publicly sharing explicit photographs of him. By means of his legal representatives, he has adopted an aggressive approach in his several criminal trials. He has penned an op-ed wherein he accuses Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon of defamation, and he has requested the issuance of a subpoena to summon former President Donald Trump as a witness in one of his cases. Additionally, he has initiated legal proceedings against his own father’s administration for causing him public humiliation.

According to a recent report, Hunter Biden might depart from the United States in the event that former President Donald Trump secures another four years leading the nation

The story, released by Politico, says that Hunter has informed close acquaintances that he might be compelled to leave the country in the event that Donald Trump emerges victorious in 2024.

As reported by Politico, Joe Biden is concerned for his son’s welfare as the 2024 campaign intensifies due to Hunter’s three felony allegations and six misdemeanor accusations. Hunter is additionally at risk of being held in contempt of Congress for rejecting a subpoena from Republican investigators, who requested his private testimony on Wednesday.

An aide from the Biden team asserted to Politico “You can see it in his eyes, and you can see his shoulders slump. He’s so worried about Hunter. And we’re worried it could consume him.”

Hunter got an indictment in addition to a previous felony firearms accusation he received in September. The president’s apprehensions over his son have escalated since assuming office, and he harbors anxieties that Hunter may experience a recurrence of his condition as public scrutiny intensifies.

In the report by Politico, Joe Biden already considered the potential consequences that another White House campaign could have on his son, Hunter. He is aware that it will have a significant impact on him, considering the extensive strain of the 2020 campaign.

Source: Fox News

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