Transgender Activists Pushing For A Trans James Bond

Apparently, being allowed to compete against the opposite sex in sports & use their bathrooms isn’t enough.

Breitbart is reporting:

“Just before Christmas, British actor Dominic West stirred James Bond fans by exclaiming that it was time for a transgender actor to be chosen to star as the next 007 and trans actors have grabbed onto this idea with gusto pushing hard for such an unlikely outcome.

West, who was once suggested as a possible Bond star himself, apparently has other actors in mind for the role:

“Maybe a transgender Bond would be cool,” West said. “There’s a very cool woman who’s the wife of an actor in [his latest film] Colette, who is a captain in the electrical engineers, the highest-ranking transgender soldier in the army.”

Whether the person West had in mind could be a candidate for the role or not, several other starry-eyed trans actors have glommed onto West’s idea with fervor.

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Comedian Ian Harvie, for instance, thinks that a trans James Bond would mean that transgender men — people born as a female but transitioning to male — would be “seen as men, legitimate and worthy of casting in this role.”

Harvie, who was born female, says a trans Bond would be a “major triumph.”

“As someone who has been told over and over again through social messaging (and sometimes directly to my face),” Harvie told Daily Beast, “that I am someone who is not allowed to own my masculinity, that I am not a real man, that only cis white men are allowed to own masculinity, it would feel like a major triumph if I or one of my trans actor friends were to be cast in such a hypermasculine role as Bond.”

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Scott Turner Schofield also chimed in saying, “The idea of including trans men in that—and the impact it would have on culture by creating visibility and accepting trans men as the be-all-and-end-all-of-men—cannot be underestimated.”

Indeed, Schofield insists that Bond’s “calling to justice” is something with which the suffering trans community can identify.

Schofield noted that in his mind Bond has “A deep sense of personal authenticity, a strength that emanates from within, a calling to justice, coolness in the face of constant attacks.” And who better than a trans actor to portray that? “Trans people come preloaded with all of that, so it would be a natural fit to add to the mantle of Bond,” Schofield exclaimed.”

Here are some of the reactions on social media:

“Actor Dominic West says next james Bond should be a trans actor. why?”

“No no no. James Bond is a sexy man. A man. A man!!! Create your own trans character don’t take ours.”

“We don’t need a trans James Bond. My God. If they ruin James Bond for me I’m gonna be royally freaking pissed OFF. Let’s not ruin this please. Good Gawd help us all.”

“I WILL NEVER WATCH ANOTHER BOND FILM ???? AGAIN!!! And I’ll throw away my bond dvd collection too!! BOND IS A MAN!!! Period END OF STORY!!! ”

“Does anyone actually think a transgender James Bond is a good idea? Not me…DNA is what you are…no such thing as boy is now a girl and girl is now a boy…get over your sick selves”

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