Trump Supporters Make Hilarious Mugshot Memes You Have To See, LOL

While a former president being persecuted by his political opponents isn’t a laughing matter, Trump’s supporters have provided a little humor in the darkness.


Another funny one.

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Pro-Trump protesters showed up to the courthouse.

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And a meme for the collection.

And a hilarious rap song with Trump singing (not really Trump).

This one isn’t a mugshot meme, but it’s proving to be pretty popular.

I snapped a bunch of photos of Trump when I covered CPAC 2023. They are available for sale.

Trump speaks at CPAC 2023 – Photo by Jeff Rainforth
Trump speaks at CPAC 2023 – Photo by Jeff Rainforth

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Trump smiles at CPAC 2023 – Photo by Jeff Rainforth

And this one.

And this post had the hashtag “TrumpMugshot” so it showed up in a search for them. All I can say is wow, LOL!

Journalist Benny Johnson posted a hilarious video about the mugshot craze.

Of course, the left is celebrating the arrest of Biden’s main competitor for the 2024 election for president.

They put out a few of their own memes.

The photo in this pic is not real. The real mugshot has not been released at the time of this writing.

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