VIDEO: Civilian Border Protection Ideas Part One – Military Examples

Since I was the videographer and news editor for We Build the Wall, the organization which built the first privately funded border wall on private land, I’ve been researching other ways civilians could possibly secure the border on their own.

Update: Since writing this article, I’ve returned from a 7-week border tour in Lukeville, Arizona, where I filmed the complete breakdown of security there and tens of thousands of illegal aliens pour in through the wall where it had been cut open by human smuggling organizations. Several videos and photos are here.

While the border wall we built in Sunland Park, NM cost around $8 million, that kind of money isn’t around everyday.

We Build the Wall’s border wall in Sunland Park, NM, 2022. Photo by Jeff Rainforth

One of the most cost-effective ways for citizens to help secure the border is using concertina wire. I’ll have more about that in an upcoming article about my possible return to the border for a continuous tour.

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There are a few companies that make trailers which hold triple-stand concertina wire and which disperse it automatically, which would be perfect for some areas on the border. I’m thinking Yuma, Arizona, for starters.

When I was filming in Yuma last last year, about 800 illegal aliens were coming over in one spot every night.

From my recent border tour. Illegal aliens cross into Yuma, Arizona at night.

The area where the illegal aliens came through at could have easily had triple-strand concertina deployed by citizens, basically as much as was needed.

Below are a few videos I found of our military securing the border with concertina, and some pretty novel ideas for border wall/fence accessories which use concertina.

This idea is pretty cool. Attaching metal bars horizontally to existing border fence, and then installing concertina wire on it. It’s a low wall in the video, so, the horizontal bars with concertina would snag anyone who climbed the fence.

The next video shows soldiers putting concertina wire near the top of a border fence. Citizens could do this.

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And finally, soldiers lay concertina wire on the ground, which is the easiest. This is the cheapest method in which citizens could help secure the border.

If I return to the border, I’ll be scouting locations where we could employ these types of systems.

Here’s video I shot in Yuma. You can see how it would be easy to place concertina along the border in this area to block the spot where the wall ends, and then place concertina on the Normandy barriers.

I’ll have a new article and video about my return to the border in a few days.

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