War Correspondent in Panama Tracking Massive Migrant Caravan Heading To U.S. – 1 Million In 2024

My friend, war correspondent Michael Yon, is in Panama right now, at the Darien Gap to be exact. (Feature image is a screenshot of video taken by Yon).

Yon is with Ben Bergquam who I have worked with on the border and Oscar El Blue, a border journalist.

I first met Yon in Hong Kong when Steve Bannon sent me to film the protests. The CCP banned Yon from the country because of his fearless reporting.

I embedded with the Hong Kong protesters fighting for freedom from the Chinese Communist Party – Jeff Rainforth
Reporting from the Hong Kong protests for freedom

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I hope to meet up with Yon and Bergquam soon when I mount another border tour like I did late last year. A new article and in-depth video about that is coming soon.

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Here’s Yon explaining the situation in Panama where he predicts at least 1 million migrants will come through in 2024 and reach the American border.


Yon posted on X:

“PANAMA: the Chinese Economy Collapsing…Chinese and other children pushed through deadly Darien Gap.

The very professional Panamanian Senafront @senafrontpanama rescue people daily.

Senafront is now deep in the jungle now with courageous @Oscarelblue, @BenBergquam, and a Mexican journalist named Manuel. The rains are coming down hard now.

Senafront well-trained, highly professional, strong. I hear one of their helicopters right now. (UH-1).”

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In another post, Yon explained, “Ben Bergquam is about 20 miles from us in Darien Gap jungle tracking invasion with Oscar Blue.

Ben messaged via satcom text: “The scene is truly apocalyptic.

Bajo Chiquito is completely overrun (thousands!), possibly as many as Lajas Blancas and more arriving every second!

And the amount of feces and trash is staggering.

My guess is we passed about 8000 people today between boats, the camp and the jungle. It’s getting dark and they’re still coming.- Ben Bergquam””

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An X user asked Yon “Michael, have you been to or can you go to places of origin like, say, Venezuela and provide us some information/reporting on why these people are leaving their home countries beyond mere speculation? Or is this just not possible?”

To which Yon answered, “I’ve been to more than a dozen of their countries of origin. Most are economic aliens, or running from law, etc. Most are not running from war.”

Keep them in your prayers, it’s dangerous there!


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