BREAKING: Antifa LGBT Supporters Attacking LA Police & Parents Protesting Wokeism In Schools

What appear to be members of Antifa and other LGBTQ supporters came out to confront pro-parent’s rights protesters today. News organizations are reporting clashes, and video on social media shows Antifa fighting with LA police.

Steve Bannon sent me undercover to film the Portland riots, and I covered the riots and looting in Sacramento and other cities as well.

Reporter Ian Miles Cheong posted a video on X:

“LAPD push back Antifa and trans activists to prevent them from fighting with parents protesting against woke ideology in schools.”

Pro-parents rights protesters

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Insider Times reported what appeared to be clashes between the two sides.

“BREAKING, LIVE: A pro-trans protest, an anti-trans protest and Black Lives Matter protest — taking place altogether outside City Hall, Los Angeles resulting in the serious clash. LAPD arrives.”

An apparent Antifa account on X posted:

“LAPD pushing pro-LGBT protesters back again. Lots of shoving. A war over a bicycle.”

The National Independent reported:

“UPDATE: The LAPD stands between two simultaneous protests in Los Angeles. The demonstration that is blocking the intersection has been declared an unlawful assembly.”

A leftist X user who was apparently there posted:

“Welp, everyone’s made it over to LAUSD and LGBTQ+ protestors beat the fascists here though they’re coming up the bridge. It’s still shocking to see how many of them and how resources they are to spread hatred in Southern California.”

Reporter Katie Davisport posted video of police taking down an apparent member of Antifa.

“LAPD destroys Antifa after they had physically attacked parents protesting LGBTQ indoctrination”

Citizen Free Press posted a video from Anthony Cabasa, host of Informed Daily on YouTube:

“Leave our kids alone.” “Patriots take to the street of Los Angeles to protest against the gender insanity being taught to their children.”

The Los Angeles Times reported:

About 150 demonstrators who oppose LGBTQ+ education marched on Monday from City Hall to the Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters, where two counterprotesters were taken into custody as dozens of officers kept the opposing groups apart after heated exchanges.

The demonstrators came from across Southern California including San Diego, Antelope Valley, Glendale and Los Angeles. A few identified themselves as parents at Saticoy Elementary School, where fighting broke out between opposing sides during a demonstration over a Gay Pride activity in June.

Demonstrators had a long list of issues, demanding that discussion about the LGBTQ+ community and sex-related education be kept out of schools. They also want school districts to notify parents if their child asks to identify in school in a manner different than the gender assigned to that student at birth.

“We believe that there is a radical indoctrination system that has seeped from academia and now into K through 12. We’ve been trying to get kiddie porno smut books out of the schools,” said Ben Richards, a San Diego parent and organizer and the founder of SoCal Parent Advocates. “And we don’t want people to talk about sex with our children without telling us and behind our backs.”

Richards carried an American flag and wore a military green T-shirt emblazoned with “Dad Army.” He said his group also opposes critical race theory and vaccine mandates.

The Los Angeles protests are part of recent clashes over gender issues and race in education, where school boards in some conservative pockets of California are supportive of their demands. Several Southern California school districts, including Chino Valley and then Murietta, have mandated parental notification if a child is transgender. The Orange Unified School District is also considering a mandate.

On Monday, the demonstrators’ soundtrack over loudspeakers included Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall,” containing lyrics that participants emblazoned on T-shirts: “Leave Our Kids Alone.” The group also played “God Over Government” and a rap recording that proclaimed Donald Trump the greatest president ever.

At the counterprotest, the soundtrack included “I’m Coming Out” from Diana Ross and “Got to Be Real” from Cheryl Lynn. The Los Angeles teachers union was able to muster a small delegation — the protest was during school hours — and other groups also took part.

Counterprotesters brought up the recent killing of Laura Ann Carleton, 66, outside her store in Lake Arrowhead, in what’s being investigated as a possible hate crime after an armed man railed about her display of a LGBTQ+ pride flag. The suspected shooter was later confronted and killed by sheriff’s deputies.

Of course, it’s the far left that is engaging in violence.

I was filming in the Portland riots for about 2 weeks for Steve Bannon and Brian Kolfage. Below is one of many videos I took.

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