Triple-Amputee Vet That Zuckerberg Robbed Shares Amazing Video Before Attending Trump Rally

You’ve surely heard the story how triple-amputee vet Airman Brian Kolfage had his conservative news & coffee company pages taken down by Facebook after he gave the company over $300,000 for advertising.

Airman Kolfage has been on the warpath ever since, vowing to fight for all Americans right to free speech.

Kolfage has appeared on Fox News, the Mike Huckabee Show, and numerous articles have been written about what Facebook did to him.

In just two weeks, Airman Kolfage has raised over $65,000 to take the fight to Zuckerberg & his social media giant. A legal fight is in the works.

His new site, is now command central for the war against political censorship.

On the site, Kolfage states: “We are the movement to fight back, we will have Facebook investigated, we are calling on our politicians to make tech giants utilities. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

9/11/2004 receiving Purple Heart Medal Iraq

I’ve worked with Brian on his projects for 3 years, most recently as the editor-in-chief at Right Wing News (RWN). A few weeks ago, Facebook took down the RWN page that Brian managed. It had 3.6 million fans. Without the page, traffic to the RWN site dropped & we had to lay off the entire team of writers I managed.

Brian & I in Newport Beach, 2017.

I texted Brian today to see how things were going. He replied that he was at a Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida.

President Trump’s son, Trump Jr. has been helping spread the word about what happened to Brian.

Since then, Brian has been at two Trump rallies in the VIP section.

Airman Kolfage sent out a Tweet yesterday about Facebook.

He stated:

“THIS IS WHY IM A THREAT TO FACEBOOK: I taught my daughter at a very young age to respect the flag. When she was only 15 months old she knew it was to never touch the ground. By age 3 she could recite the pledge of allegiance verbatim. I raised her #RIGHT.”

Then today, before attending the Trump rally, he Tweeted an awesome video of his daughter reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

“Our daughter at the early of 3 could recite the pledge of allegiance. We raised our kids to respect the flag and all those who sacrificed for our freedoms that we all inherited today; we will not allow it to be destroyed.”

How amazing it that?! What a patriot!

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